About us

iValac is a software solution that has been developed by the STAR Group for the management and publication of process- and product-specific information. The iValac software solution is built in Switzerland, with operations in Spain. Since 2018, the iValac team has been reflecting our spirit, combining precision engineering with creativity, flair, and a passion for excellence in content operations. iValac is proud to have partnered with mid-sized companies throughout our history to build agility in their content operations, unlocking their potential to grow and innovate as world-class brands.

We’re proud to be part of the STAR Group, a world leader in multilingual information management world leading technologies and services, established over 38 years with headquarters in Switzerland, and more than 50 additional locations in 30 countries.

Our Mission

Accelerate your success. We unlock the best potential in your content operations to connect your company, partners, and community to deliver clarity, insight and growth that delivers measurable impact and success.

Our Vision

Transform data into actionable intelligence in a sustainable and increasingly digital world. Build resilience today, and innovation for tomorrow.

Our Strategy

Grow partnerships that inspire the best content operations solutions, founded on flexibility, transparency, ease of implementation and dedication to serve your business goals.

What is iValac?

How information is managed across your systems, teams and partners is becoming an essential business tool for growth. And this is where iValac can help you succeed.

iValac delivers digital solutions for the content lifecycle that always delivers the right information for the best outcome.

iValac is a content operations platform unifying the lifecycle of data to bring clarity, insight and new capabilities to accelerate your specific business goals. We do this by orchestrating information across your systems, processes, teams and partners to create a single source of truth.

iValac is a suite of standard tools, functionalities and interfaces tailored to your specific business goals:

  • Empowering pre-sales, dealer, franchise operations, merchandizing and eCommerce.
  • Creating exceptional customer and user experiences.
  • Enabling after sales, service and field support.
  • Delivering new services enabled by digital content.

Lifecycle content operations for a circular economy: Delivering the right information has never been more challenging. In an increasingly connected digital world where data is exploding, we help you navigate complexity to unlock simplicity, because with simplicity comes insight, intelligence and engagement for growth, higher performance, productivity and profitability.

Creating a sustainable future

Orchestrating a single source of truth opens the door to help you innovate the future together. That’s the iValac partnership promise. We work with you to design the best solutions that get your company ahead.
What’s more, iValac customers have discovered unforeseen benefits of delivering the right information in reducing data storage by up to 90%, which frees up creativity contributing to a more sustainable and innovative workplace and world.
Modular digital solutions for the content lifecycle, can we help you always deliver the right information for the best outcome:

  • Merchandising and eCommerce
  • After sales and Service
  • Product and user information
  • Service information
  • Feedback and claim management.
  • Warranty management
  • Digital repair estimation and tracking
  • Feedback loop and analysis of the value chain

Why iValac?

Unlock potential from your existing systems, teams, partners and operations to increase efficiency and performance with content operations that boost customer and user satisfaction; maximise your performance, revenues, profitability; and ultimately enhance brand value.

  • Collaboration – Shorten the time it takes to share and find the right information. Deliver critical information and achieve faster knowledge transfer.
  • Seamless integration – Reduce duplication and the friction of interfacing with different systems. Connect your operations to streamline and automate business processes for highest performance.
  • Interoperability – Provide the ‘glue’ delivering the right information without worrying about compatibility issues or duplication.
  • Flexibility – Secure a tailored solution with adaptability for evolving business needs without heavy investment or change management.
  • Security – Ensure layers of security between applications and systems to protect sensitive data and unauthorized access.
  • Sustainability – Reduce complexity and eliminate duplication so that you can reduce data storage by up to 90%.
  • Scalability – Increase throughput and concurrency with higher levels of intelligent automation.
  • Global reach – Speak with one voice and grow across markets with plugin language technologies and world class expertise.